Can I use any bike to do the tour?

No. You need to have a bike Mountain Bike with 21 changes at least and is in optimal conditions for the tour.

Can you rent a bicycle?

Bicycles can be rented for tours. On short trips you can do it through our quality bikes that have a cost $450 x day. On long trips can also rent. In this case it is through our local suppliers with bikes, the price is confirmed according to each place.

What if my bike breaks during the tour?

In that case the tour includes service mechanics will try to fix the problem so you can continue using your bike. But always we have a spare bike that is available to all participants before an event.

What if I get tired?

Nothing happens. You can rest and then continue pedaling or if you can not choose to use the support vehicle to climb and then recover to continue or just enjoy the ride from the bus.

Do you have support vehicle?

In all our travels constantly there support vehicles.
Sometimes even 2 vehicles accompany us during the trip.
It is always available to upload to it in case of fatigue or physical difficulty.

How many people are groups?

In the tours offered on the calendar groups are averaging between 15 and 20 people. There is also the possibility of armed exclusive tours for groups that can participate from 1 person to 20 as it adapts to the need for what the person or group want.

How old are those who travel?

The minimum age to participate is 18 years old. The average number of people participating in the tours is between 35 and the 60 years old.

What are pedaling pace?

No specific rate of pedaling. You can go at the pace that each person can. We deal with freedom and every certain amount of time, a regrouped to hydrate and eat something done.

How you sleep?

The trips have rooms in triple / quadruple basis depending on the hosting site. Also you can choose to sleep on double or single, all you pay is the difference room.

Can I sleep in a single room?

It can, you only have to pay the difference in cost of the room.

Do you offer right foods for my diet?

Should you need a different power (Vegetarian, celiac, food intolerance, etc.) it is necessary to inform so that we can prepare special meals and suitable for every need.

How you get to your destination?

In less than 500km travel is going on a mini private bus with a maximum capacity of 23 passengers or you can also go on their own to the meeting point.

On trips of more than 500km each passenger manages the means of transport.

You can travel on what each passenger wants (airplane, auto, micro, train) as long as this at the meeting point on the day that begins the journey.

In the case of going by plane the package includes the transfer airport-hotel IN OUT.

How bicycles move?

In less than 500km travel bikes are carried in our exclusive trailer for bikes.

They have to bring bikes to the meeting point on the day of departure or they can bring them to the office prior to departure or retirement use the service at home for not having to carry the same.

On trips of more than 500 km, which they are generally plane, Bike is shipped as luggage in aeroparque.

How bicycles packed for travel by plane?

There are three possibilities:

  1. Looking at our tutorial video to learn how to do it yourself:

  2. Hiring our home packing service for us handle all.
  3. Consult with your trusted bicicletería.

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