Cycling in the rain: basic tips to consider

By 02/07/2019 July 4th, 2019 Experiences

Bike riding is a healthy activity, economic and good for health. However, although there are a lot of benefits in the sight of all, one of the most annoying and uncomfortable moments that as a cyclist we can just happen occurs in rainy days where unfortunately we are out in the open.

This article will give you a number of basic tips for reniegues cyclist as little as possible on those rainy days where between you and the water there will be no ceiling by.

  • rainwear above all things

If you made the decision to grab the bike on a rainy day, first you have to take into consideration will bring a waterproof jacket Safeguard you best water. From here we recommend that you use any garment has a good length on the back so that no water will back.

  • Hacete notice

If you're going to walk on the road or city, we suggest you use bright or fluorescent colors for cars and trucks drivers can see you better amid the downpour. In the days of heavy rain significantly reduces visibility and for that reason it is vital to have both headlights and rear.

If you use helmet, It never comes too bad you can put some lights in order to increase your visibility optimally. The more you do notice you'll be safer.

  • Play safe

Even though you already have a route charted and oiling in your daily routine, on rainy days it is always advisable to try to avoid driving on parks, dirt roads or slippery surfaces. The important thing in this type of adverse climates is to get home in the best way so to play it safe is the most suitable.

  • Watch out for pedestrians and crosswalks

Painting crosswalks when in contact with water is very dangerous for the cyclist as it becomes slippery for the wheel. For that reason, It should circulate these areas very carefully, above as well as iron elements, as manhole covers which are not in good condition in most cases.

Another point to consider in these days is how you'll handle against the attitude of pedestrians. In most cases, Pedestrians do not have much patience for respecting traffic lights so from here we suggest you go slower than normal to see the sides much earlier.

  • Mudguards without hesitation

Rain is one of the main enemies of your clothes as you can at any time leave a stain of mud on the back. Thus, If you see that the hand is complicated from here we strongly suggest that you install a fender permanently in order to keep as clean as possible especially if you go to work on your shot.

  • Common sense

We know perfectly well what you love riding a bike but more fanatical than you are of your shot if you see that the hand is complicated by rain, from this post we suggest you opt to wait for the rain to stop or failing to take public transportation to not be an unwanted time.

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