Toscana Bike Tour

Want know Tuscany differently? This is your chance. We put together a special tour so you can see from your bike all the wonders of this place.

In Rodado26 we deal with all. Your, relax and enjoy.

  • Airlifted from Buenos Aires to Pieve a Salti, Tuscany. (Not included)
  • + of 240Km. of bicycle tour through the most incredible scenery.
  • We carry your luggage and a complete kit in our Vehicle Support all the way to travel light and quiet.

Airlifted from Buenos Aires to Pieve a Salti, Tuscany. (Not included)

+ of 240 KM of Bike tour through the most amazing scenery
We carry your luggage and a full kit Support our vehicle throughout the entire Travel to travel light and quiet.

As usual, we will make a selection of the best regional dishes Breakfast and lunch. We also include Snacks. For dinner, You can choose between different dishes quality.

For resting, Hotels similarly choose category to these that we show below:

Pieve a Salti

Hotel NH Siena

Day by day

Day 1: Tuscany


We are in the Hotel Rural Pieve a Salti, a 25Km. Siena. It is an excellent choice to stay during the trip and feel that we are in the heart of the same The Toscana.

The first is a day dedicated to the fine tunning bicycle and to conduct the briefing with the entire group. The next day, begins real adventure.

Day 2: Murlo

Distance: 42 km – Ground: Mixed

Low altitude: 136m. – Maximum altitude: 316m.


Between fields and by winding roads with descents and uploaded, we go to Murlo, enclosing many people history. There are still vestiges of the Etruscan civilization.

Day 3: Montalcino

Distance: 37 km – Ground: Mixed

Minimun height: 129m. – Maximum height 273m.


When Siena fell to the Medicean Florence, Montalcino resisted for nearly four years. Finally he fell to the Florentines, under whose control was until the Grand Duchy of Tuscany unified with the rest of Italy 1861.

Day 4: Via L 'Eroica

Distance: 56 km – Ground: Mixed

Minimun height: 129m. – Maximum height: 388m.


Following in the footsteps of the legendary L 'Eroica, cycling competition of great importance worldwide, Land crossed Tuscany to reach Licignano Bandini, one of the charming towns of the Valle d'Orcia.

Day 5: San Giovanni d'Asso

Distance: 45km – Ground: Gravel and asphalt

Minimun height: 129m. – Maximum height: 379m.


After a big breakfast we will take a mixed road asphalt trails that pass from the Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbay and Crete Senesi, hasta San Giovanni d'Asso, with the White Truffle Museum of Crete.

Day 6: Siena

Distance: 42km – Ground: Gravel and asphalt

Minimun height: 138m. – Maximum height: 343m.


We left for the final trip icing on the cake: unite Pieve a Salti with the beautiful city of Siena.

They will be just over 40Km., with a dreamscape. Arriving in Siena, all the history we will come up.

Day 7: End of Trip

After several days of travel and experiences, it's time to return. Surely some remain touring Europe and others have to return to Buenos Aires.

The important thing is that all who participate in this tour, stay hallucinated and good satisfied with such a journey.

  • Support vehicle
  • Handys VHF and cell phone for emergencies
  • 6 Hotel nights + spa base 2/3 pax. Ask for single base
  • Full board
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mountain Bike R29
  • Specialized bilingual guides
  • MTB parts
  • Cereal bars, hydration and fruits during the voyage
  • Sunglasses.
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Caramañola (Bottle for bicycle)
  • Protector solar
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Mandatory Helmet (If we got you hired)
  • Bike Parts: A camera and patch kit with solution
  • Comfortable clothing for cycling and shelter for the night
  • Personal documents (ID or Identity Card and Driver's social work)
  • Raincoat or windbreaker
  • Backpack Attack (girl)

Hello everyone!!
I will repeat what everyone says, but I think worth, tell them it was my first experience of sporting holidays ............. and as far country, but I must say I was super-comfortable, quiet, maintained and very well accompanied by all of you.
Thanks Eui, Ari, for being so professional, take care of everything in such detail, Elected the places you have chosen, the Matthew Guides, Cristian and Andrea geniuses also, we have done prettiest meet and spend time.
Thanks to each of the members of this group have made me feel so very good, and already miss you, makes me happy to know that we will meet next 4.
I hope we can share new routes together with Rolled course ...... 26*:) happy.

Kisses for all, and incidentally I confirm attendance at the meeting 4 October.

Sandra Gorbach

Hello Everyone!!! Hope you are well .... Many already in BsAs and other fortunately still in Europe,continue to enjoy them!!!

It really was a journey of much enjoyment ..... Thanks to Eugene and Ariel who chose every detail of the trip as well and very professionally we experienced the best of them,drink to that!

Here's to the group!!!,so much fun we had,so we had fun,so we cycled,for having known ......

A big kiss to all,see you 4


Gabriela Alonso

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