Talampaya Bike Tour


We take care of all the details for you to handle just enjoy.

Transfer by plane from Buenos Aires to La Rioja (not included)
+200 KM Bike travel by the most amazing landscape with specialized guides opening and closing the group
We carry your bicycle, luggage and a full kit our Vehicle Support all rides to travel light and quiet.

A selection of the best regional dishes.

  • Breakfasts, Lunch and Snacks Included
  • Quality options for Dinner.

We know that there is nothing better than a good rest after a long day up bike.


Day 1: The Rioja

Transfer from the airport to the hotel located in one of the best areas of the center, there will make the check-in, and proceed to the assembly of bicycles.

Accommodation: www.naindoparkhotel.com (or similar category)

Day 2: Ischigualasto National Park – Valley of the moon

This day after breakfast we got on our bus to take us to the National Park Ischigualasto. Ischigualasto Provincial Park, also called Valle de la Luna, It is located in northwestern Argentina. Desert landscapes similar to the lunar surface have stunning rock formations in areas like "Painted Valley" and "Bocce Court". In the museum of the park, Showing offn dinosaur fossils from the Triassic period. El Morado mountain has trails and a view from above the valley. Guanacos are common in the park

Once there got off our bikes and started pedaling through the national park. We admire the mountains and landforms that accompany us throughout the tour. We had lunch in the park and then continue way to the end of our journey where we will go up to the bus to take us to our second place of lodging in Villa Union.

Distance: 35 kms.
Ground: Gravel
Accommodation: www.hotelcanontalampaya.com (o similar)

Day 3: Talampaya Canyon

This day begins with a short transfer to the National Park Talampaya. Once there got off our bikes and we start cycling in the park admiring the scenery around us all the way. The national park was created to protect important archaeological and paleontological sites in the area and occupies 213 800 hectares. The landscape of the park surrounded by cliffs and colors make this a unique and incomparable destination. The flora and fauna are an attractive constant.
We will also have the chance to walk the most amazing corners of the park.

Distance: 24kms
Accommodation: www.hotelcanontalampaya.com (o similar)

Day 4: Cuesta de Miranda

Cuesta de Miranda is a scenic road, in the mountains. This trace of the RN40, along about 30 riojanos kilometers linking two departments: Chilecito and Felipe Varela.la has many places that are georeferenced points: The fight, mythical historical site where a battle was fought between the caudillo Felipe Varela and Juan Linares. Chiyuyl, beautiful spot on the banks of the river Miranda, where is the camp of National Highways. The Deceased Correa, grutita of devotion to rise to views usual panorámicas.Es come across all kinds of birds, from imposing condors, majestic eagles, restless sound hawks and calenders, zorzales or jilgueros. A being a humid air passage, native flora that gives enough contrast green that complements usually deep blue skies with a shot of pink granite.

Distance:52 kms.
Accommodation: www.hotelcanontalampaya.com (o similar)

Day 5: Aicuña and Route 40

Today is a different day, Aicuña is a mountain village located in La Rioja.

The name is of dubious origin Aicuña, although it is known that means fastest lap. Another version indicates that the name comes from the Quechua and means Vuelta Compelled.

The only access to the village is a path of red earth 8 kilometer born as a detour on the Cuesta de Miranda (cornice road recently paved path that integrates mythical 40), then continues as the main street, a side which the village is developed picturesque village.

Buildings respond to the traditional type of adobe espontaneo, with frequent use of stone walls to delimit pens or sown. This will be our closing day trip so the tours accompany the landscape that was guiding us throughout the tour. At the end we will raise our bikes and our bus took us back to the Rioja.

Distance: 40km land: Gravel and asphalt
Accommodation: www.naindoparkhotel.com (o similar)

Day 6: The Rioja, day off

Transfer to Airport. Return to Buenos Aires.

  • Support vehicle
  • Handys VHF and cell phone for emergencies
  • 5 basic hotel nights 2/3 pax. Consult based sinlge
  • Half board (breakfast, lunch and tea colonial)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Transfer of MTBike
  • Specialized bilingual guides
  • MTB parts
  • Cereal bars, hydration and fruits during the voyage
  • Mountain Bike mínimum 21 speeds and in good condition. (If you do not have we will rent)
  • Sunglasses.
  • Bottle for bike (Botellita para la bicicleta)
  • Protector solar
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Helmet (Si no tenes nosotros te alquilamos)
  • Bike Parts: A camera and patch kit with solution
  • Comfortable clothing for cycling and shelter for the night
  • Personal documents (ID or Identity Card and Driver's social work)
  • Raincoat or windbreaker
  • Backpack Attack (small)

I'm really very happy for all the service, Roll 26. From the first moment they were professional and friendly. Sure I'll be heading soon. Greetings to all the Staff.

Fernando Vila

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