Salta Bike Tour, The footsteps Calchaquies.

You want to live a unique experience?

You want to make bike tour most spectacular of your life? Te invitamos a cruzar los Valles Calchaquíes, by bike!

from Rodado26, we have everything organized, to live the 6 best days of your life. together 2 great passions of many people: biking and travel. You add up?

You will relax and we take care of everything. We want you to live a complete experience, that will fill your soul while it is happening and then, each time you return to your mind as a souvenir.

  • Traslado en Avión de Buenos Aires a Salta Capital. (Not included)
  • A transfer will look for the airport to take you to the hotel.

We are experts in Bike tours and creating unforgettable experiences. We carry hundreds of kilometers by bike, for the most incredible scenery.

As we said, you relax we take care: We carry your luggage and a complete kit in our Support Vehicle, which will accompany us throughout the journey, to travel light and quiet.

During the voyage, you will taste the best regional dishes, which also have all the nutrients needed for proper muscle recovery.

Dentro who purchase the package, we include:

  • Breakfasts
  • Packed
  • Snacks
  • Several quality options for dinner

To rest well, is essential for the day you can enjoy the road ahead we. It is therefore, that since Rodado26, We picked hotels first, to sleep as do the kings.

We know that there is nothing better than a good rest after a long day up bike.

Accommodation included at this BIKE TOUR


Day 1: Skip


The first day will be a pure discovery. At Salta "La Linda" We can explore its corners and historical iglesias and museums, then yes, staying at the hotel Altos de Balcarce, rest, and face the next day the real journey that takes us there.

Day 2: Jump-Payogasta-Khaki

Distance: 45Km. – Ground: Asphalt


After a good breakfast, We went by minibus to get away from the city and introduce us to the mountains salteñas. After crossing a strange jungle area, up to the Stone Mill (3457mts.), we will lower our bikes to start adventure.

The first encounter is with the Tin Tin straight, from which you can see from above how the route extends for kilometers, accompanied by a landscape mountainous only.

Road to Cachi, and after 45Km., we will make our first stop in a small town called Payogasta, where magically appears before us a luxury inn, spa, mini gimnasio, Tub, WIFI, regional cuisine distinguished, and the highest winery in the world.

Spectacular accommodation that invites you to relax and enjoy the placed of the life.

Day 3: Payogasta-Cachi, Molinos-Seclantas

Distance: 58Km – Ground: Gravel


After such a break under the influence of a single silence, We left for the mythical Cachi, existing people to Spanish domination, They inhabited by Chicoanas.

This place is easily identifiable by the old houses aligned on narrow streets. Here you can visit the church 17th century, and the Museum Anthropological.

After the ride, will resume our journey through an exciting and fun circuit saw the gravel with well appointed "Way of the artisans", where, each pedal stroke, we will find its residents working and exhibiting her art.

On this path we arrive to our second post: Seclantas, in the year 1814 was the rendezvous of the patriots in the valleys, who formed the "Board hurdler" Belgrano which aided in their retreat to Tucuman after the defeats of Vilcapugio and Ayohuma, in the struggle for independence the Spanish crown.

Our last stop of the day will Molinos, people noted for their adobe houses, earth-roofed, galleries and porticos.

In the parish church, built in 1693, lie the mummified remains of the last royal governor. And right in front, We expected the hacienda house, turned-hotel, and we spend the night.

Day 4: Mills-El Carmen

Distance: 30Km – Ground: Gravel


To reach our next destination We will cross mountains with varying shades of reddish colors, brown and gray, with scattered cactus that add color and personality to this exotic land Northwestern Argentina.

After a few pedaled we will run a stay style colonial: Finca El Carmen, representing the first population center español.

Today is totally recycled, but he keeps all its history and details; and it is run by the fifth generation of owners. Historic site if any!

Day 5: The Carmen-Cafayate

Distance: 56/89Km. – Ground: Gravel and asphalt


Almost at the end of our adventure, We reach The Gorge of the Arrows, a landscape that will present a pointed rock formations that return never see. Loneliness that permeates there will make you feel on another planet.

Then we will face the last 24Km. the long-awaited asphalt to the big city, Cafayate, land of good wine. There awaits us a comfortable hotel to rest.

Day 6: Cafayate-Salta

Our return to Salta will be in transfer, but will not waste. We will be able enjoy the view and make a stop at the amphitheater.

Once in Salta, we drive to the airport for return to Buenos Aires, and perpetuate this in remembrance experience wonderful.

You have to keep in mind that, due to the arrival time to Salta, the return flight the Argentina capital must be from the 18hs.

  • Support vehicle
  • Handys VHF and cell phone for emergencies
  • 5 nights accommodation with private facilities based 2/3 pax. Ask for single bed base.
  • Half board (Breakfast, lunch and tea)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Internal transfer of MTBike
  • Specialized bilingual guides
  • MTB parts
  • Cereal bars, hydration and fruits during the voyage
  • Extra services:
  • Sale / rental bike bags
  • Embalaje whip the Domicilio
  • Service Pre and Post Trip
  • Bicicleta Mountain Bike mínimo 21 speeds and in good condition. (If you do not have we will rent)
  • Sunglasses.
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Caramañola (Bottle for bicycle)
  • Protector solar
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Mandatory Helmet (If we got you hired)
  • Bike Parts: A camera and patch kit with solution
  • Comfortable clothing for cycling and shelter for the night
  • Personal documents (ID or Identity Card and Driver's social work)
  • Raincoat or windbreaker
  • Backpack Attack (girl)

Again I want to emphasize the great journey that we have shared. Everything was great from the food, landscapes, Hotels, group, ALL! This trip will stay in my memory forever. Hopefully we can meet again in another crossing.
Congratulations shot 26, eui, ari and all the people working with you. The truth that flawless.

Pablo Vazquez

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