Correntoso Premium Bike Tour II

You want to make bike tour most spectacular of your life? We invite you to explore the Patagonia, by bike!

from Rodado26, we have everything organized, to live the 6 best days of your life. together 2 great passions of many people: biking and travel. You join? ?

You will relax and we take care of everything. We want you to live a complete experience, that will fill your soul while it is happening and then, each time you return to your mind as a souvenir.

  • Fly from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. (Not included)
  • A transfer will look for the airport to take you to the hotel.

We are experts in Bike tours and creating unforgettable experiences. We carry hundreds of kilometers by bike, for the most incredible scenery.

As we said, you relax we take care: We carry your luggage and a complete kit in our Support Vehicle, which will join us throughout the journey, to travel light and quiet.

During the voyage, you will taste the best regional dishes, which also have all the nutrients needed for proper muscle recovery.

Dentro who purchase the package, we include:

  • Breakfasts
  • Packed
  • Snacks
  • Several quality options for dinner

To rest well, is essential for the day you can enjoy the road ahead we. It is therefore, since Rodado26, We picked hotels first, to sleep as do the kings:

  • Hotel Correntoso Lake&River

Now, we detail all about this wonderful bike tour:

Day 1: Bariloche – Villa la Angostura

We will do based on Villa la Angostura. from Rodado26, We'll find you at the airport and take you to the hotel. Once installed, prepare the bikes and the details for the journey that awaits us the next day. As well, This is the day that the entire group will be known and present.

At night, we will have a delicious dinner ... and to sleep to start at full speed the next day!


Day 2: Arrayanes forest

Distance: 37 km – Terreno: Gravel


We leave in our bikes directly from the hotel and give a ride to the Old River Bridge Correntoso. We continue along the route 40 way to the center of the village and we turn down a gravel street to take us to the port of Villa la Angostura, historical place because here began the history of our people. Here we can see some old buildings, Bahia Mansa, Bahia Brava separated by the isthmus of Quetrihue and is where we take the catamaran. sail for 45 minutes across Lake Nahuel Huapi until arriving at the end of the Peninsula Quetrihue where the famous Arrayanes Forest, ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD. Walk in his gateways up to the house of the forest where we take a hot chocolate. From there we will return in mountainbike through the woods on an exciting path 12 kms between ups and downs to the port of the town to enjoy a picnic lakeshore again.

We continue the journey around 4km along the main road to the center of the town. Here we stop to walk some streets, drink coffee, do some shopping and then we will return to the hotel by the bike path.

Day 3: Old road – Mirror lake – Manzano

Distance: 40 km – Terreno: Gravel


We leave our bikes from the hotel and take route 40 north. Here we'll make a couple of stops on some viewpoints and after 11km the route is divided into two. To Chile or to the Route 7 Lagos. We take the second option for 1km then descend to the shore of Lake Mirror.

We continue the journey back to the road and a few meters we enter the path called Old Road (ancient route linking us to Chile). The beginning is hard, 1,5km climb which can carry bikes pedaling or hand. Once I reached this point, we started again for this incredible trail and practice mountainbike. 6km after the trail ends where it is called Barrio Arauco and where begins the ejido of Villa la Angostura. We can appreciate some beautiful house and views up to the Mirador Restaurant Social Club.

We continue along dirt roads to get back to the path up to the Correntoso river bridge and here we climb on the bike path to the center of the town. Continue the tour heading southeast along the route to Bariloche and after 6km arrive at Rio Bonito trail that took us to Nahuel Huapi Lake. From there we continued and we cross all Peninsula Manzano (a major tourist district of the area) until you reach the road again to take us to hotel

Day 4: Villa Llanquín (estepa)

Distance: 40 km – Terreno: Gravel and asphalt


We start the route in vehicles 40 southeast direction towards Bariloche. Here we can see the change in vegetation of the Rainforest, through the transition forest and ending in the area called Steppe (semidesert). At the junction with the route 237 we left Neuquén way for about 20km until you reach the place called Villa Llanquín. Here the adventure begins.

We cross the Limay river by a suspension bridge that divides Neuquen and Rio Negro begin to roll north along the river on a secondary road land. We will have incredible views of this majestic river and after 15km we arrive at Arroyo Chacay where we take heading east to get into the steppe. Excellent place for birdwatching as being the eagle, hawks, jotes and possibly the famous Andean Condor. if we're lucky we can also meet armadillos, Foxes, guanaco and surely with pets such as horses, sheep and goats. Incredible volcanic formations appear everywhere called Tobas giving incredible scenery. After 8km you will stop to tour some Indian caves and there we will have a picnic to relax..

We continue the journey and here begins a long climb of about 10km until you reach a viewpoint where we can see Lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche, part of the Andes with the majestic Tronador. Here begins a descent of 12km of pure adrenaline to get back to Villa Llanquín where we can swim in the river Limay, drink some mate with biscuits and then transfer back to the villa.

Day 5: Villa Traful

Distance: 50 km – Terreno: Gravel

From the door of the hotel we Correntoso start the route 7 Lakes to Villa Traful.
Traful is a beautiful and quiet village sparsely populated (does not exceed 500 population permanent) with wood and stone houses scattered around the hillside. The lake is surrounded by towering peaks, which they are usually snow, and lush forests. The coasts have many places to fish with fly-casting mode or you can fishing from boats.
After the transfer back to the hotel in.

Day 6: Villa la Angostura – Bariloche and back.

This is a day for you to visit some places in Villa la Angostura, go shopping, rest, etc.. A day off, before returning to everyday life.

We told you, our Bike tours brings you a unique experience.

Do not miss it… life is one, and you have to live it big!

After that we'll take you to the airport!

  • Support vehicle
  • Handys VHF and cell phone for emergencies
  • 5 night Luxury Hotel Correntoso Lake & River base doble (Please ask for single)
  • Half board (breakfast lunch and colonial tea)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Internal transfer of MTBike
  • Transfer in / out airport
  • Specialized bilingual guides
  • MTB parts
  • Cereal bars, hydration and fruits during the voyage
  • Mountain Bike mínimum 21 speeds and in good condition. (If you do not have we will rent)
  • Sunglasses.
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Bottle for bike (Botellita para la bicicleta)
  • Protector solar
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Helmet (Si no tenes nosotros te alquilamos)
  • Bike Parts: A camera and patch kit with solution
  • Comfortable clothing for cycling and shelter for the night
  • Personal documents (ID or Identity Card and Driver's social work)
  • Raincoat or windbreaker
  • Backpack Attack (small)

And! Actually I loved everything. It was my first experience in bike and I think that like any first impression, It generates a feeling of try other times. The trip loved! The tour was amazing, I found excellent with all the letters. Rodadora 26, their people, their service, I found amazing. I think that today there are not many companies where you really give as much quality, from food, to hosting, transport, competitions. I think it really shot 26 He knows how to return to their riders and how do they infect others to continue adding. Good job guys, keep in that way!!! I hope to see you soon on another trip :).

Jorge Castro

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