fixie bike: I learn how to walk with Piñón Fijo

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Several times we talk about the different types of bicycles on the market. They not all serve to all disciplines They have characteristics inherent to a special one. And a MTB is not ideal for cycling route choice, you probably do not think of a A cruiser bicycle for mountain biking.

But one thing we know is that one of the best types of bicycle for urban cycling are fixed gear, also known as fixies. If you are interested in buy one of these, Rodado26 today we're going to have How can you use and see if it's what you need for your everyday life.

What is a bicycle fixie?

Most features of a fixed-gear bicycle is that the only way they move is pedaling. If your legs are not making any kind of movement your bike will be stopped, which makes brake system is not necessary. This may seem a disadvantage, but in fact it is what makes a fixie is much more efficient; Having a system of direct energy transfer, you'll need much less effort to move the gears that generate movement.

With no system changes or brake, you'll be at a disadvantage to lands that have irregularities or steep climbs. This makes a fixed-gear bicycle is not the best for mountain or BMX disciplines. Nevertheless, makes a much lighter and easier road to repair a MTB.

How I can pull a fixie?

If you have no prior experience with one of these bikes, the first time may be a little complicated. The first difference you'll have is that you can not accommodate the pedal in any way for starting off as the wheel depends on its position for any kind of movement.

To start up, colocate with bicycle wheel between your legs back under the seat and being lifted off the ground. Now turn the pedals to place the pedals in the correct position (one up and one down). Once your foot is ready to give hard on the pedal, Push yourself forward to start the bicycle and get up in the same movement and the seat subite. Your shot is to mobilize the same impulse to do the pedaling force.

How halted a fixie?

There are two ways to stop this type of bike. The first is to stop pedaling, causing the inertia wheel're running out until the march is reduced completely. For that, It relaxes the muscles of your legs until you lose momentum. The pedals will continue to rotate, but they will stop pushing forward. This type of braking takes longer, whereby you'll need a safe distance to be completely stopped.

The second way is to put back pressure, pedaled to the opposite side to push off your bike. This way you'll slip on the road surface to stop it altogether. This way involves practice and leg strength.

The most efficient way to stop is getting up the seat and lifting one of the pedals, pushing the other in the opposite direction. The rear wheel will lift off the ground and the march will completely halt.

Nevertheless, Some people prefer to install a brake system. This is possible, while the box permits, but the basic differences makes this bike with a more classic model is completely lost.

How do I control the speed in fixie?

The easiest way is to make shorter strokes back, similar to those of the second braking technique. If you're falling down a slope, this will be the way in which you will be able to maintain a speed at which you can stay comfortable. Consider that to maintain control of your bicycle is desirable that you alternate the movement back with every pedal.

What is the advantage of having a fixie?

As we told you from the beginning, The main feature of this bike is that it will not move unless you pedalees. That means that the distance you do will depend on how hard you've passed through the pedals. That means you need a greater physical effort, but also it makes it one of the most effective ways to get fit.

On the other hand, the lack of a brake system will help you be more alert to your surroundings. Braking methods explained before you take time or leg strength, so you'll end up learning to understand the ideal braking distances.

Ultimately, a fixie It is a bicycle. It has its peculiarities and perhaps can not be used outside a city, but are those things that are not their main attributes. It is an excellent way to change the way in which you ride and challenge you, something that from shot 26 we like it a lot.

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