5 Tips for your first bike rentals are spectacular

By 26/09/2018 May 9th, 2019 Tips and Equipment

When you got to plan your holidays, the best you can do is make sure the place that you're going you have everything you need.

If your idea go cycling holiday, planning needs to be more comprehensive, as it involves having into account several collections. Travel bike paths it's a great idea, but you got to be prepared for the unexpected.

If your idea is to go biking to meet new roads, It is important to pay attention to some points that can improve your trip. The idea of ​​having a vacation bike means to have a full experience.

Being in physical condition

Traveling by Bike It is a great idea because it will allow new paths and enjoy the surroundings more fully, while exercising. But ultimately it is a physical activity, It must be to rise to the occasion. Even though cycling is a sport low impact, Definitely, Maybe take a trip so I put the distance, stops and objectives.

Choosing the right bicycle

When plan a vacation, always got to consider where you're going. The place is key, because it depends on where you're going to pedal you can make the decision of what bicycle is correct. This is always in the case where you can have your own shot. If you have to rent or buy a, It is the best thing that has changes so you can adapt to different types of roads. To be possible, Expect the handlebar extensions so you can have a change of position in hands. To avoid lugging a heavy backpack, you better take things in panniers. And it is essential that the seat is comfortable, since you'll be sitting in for hours for days.

Prepare route

Like all journeys involving a route, you got to make sure to have a set way for bike holidays. It is true that there may be setbacks that force you to change your way, but it is best to have alternatives and intended. No matter if the idea is to stop at hotels or camping, You have to know where these points are to have idea where you are heading. It is also good to have a cell contacting you and go with someone to get to know someone instances of any emergency tour.

It takes the essentials

A journey of these features mean you have to go places for days, so you must be very careful when preparing your luggage. While you have to have everything necessary to avoid any eventuality, You can not overload you and you're going to add a lot of weight on the bike.

you got to always carry a kit including cameras, patches and multitool to fix the most common damage Boulders. It is also recommended that for cycling holiday Have sunglasses, bright clothing, something waterproof by touching a rainy day, Front and rear lights, enough water, sunscreen, a first aid kit first aid, toiletries.

The food during the trip

As important as what you got to wear, It is what I eat during these cycling holiday. It is true that not all people have the same power consumption, but the point must always be to bring considerable amounts of water to hydrate.

The food you consume during this journey should not be too heavy, and you should avoid having some sort of breakdown or possible upset stomach.

Breakfast will be the most important meal because it is the first intake Energy Day. it is best to carry food you can eat without having to be prepared with other things to avoid carrying extra weight. To have simple options that you can have lots of energy carry seeds, energy bars or some tidbit, but the best thing you can do is save for an emergency.

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